We are committed to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering quality goods in time at competitive price. We will strive to continually improve our products, services through technology, man power & system innovations.

Quality Objectives

Zero Customer complaint is the main quality objective of the organization. In addition we try to Keep the Cost of Poor Quality as low as possible. The targets are set and those are monitored monthly.
Over all the Inspection activity can be divided into three major sections, viz Incoming inspection , In process inspection and final Inspection.

Incoming inspection

It consists of mainly raw material inspection. Raw material is received in following forms:

  • Bar Material
  • Sheet metal
  • Forgings as per part drawing.

Every material is tested as per Quality Planning sheet. For chemical and physical testing services of NABL accredited Lab approved by customer, are hired. Parts which are outsourced for machining purpose are inspected as per stage drawing.

In process Inspection

On machine parts are processed only after set up approval by Quality person. Operator inspects the parts with the help of approved stage drawing, & In process inspection check sheet. Quality personnel verify the same as per plan and record on in process inspection report.
During process the trace-ability is strictly followed by the means or route card till the part get dispatched.

Final Inspection

At final inspection the part is checked for hardness, marking, Magnetic particle inspection and dimensional verification as per requirement. The observations are recorded and preserved.
Parts are dispatched only after receiving certificate of Inspection from Customer.

Quality Systems

  • All the gauges and instruments are identified by unique Identification No and those are calibrated by NABL accredited Lab as per decided frequency.
  • At all level of inspection the inspection activity is carried out as per Quality plan.

Monthly Review

Monthly review of following things are taken

  • Customer complaints
  • Cost of Poor Quality
  • Calibration activity
  • Actions status on NC;s raised during Audit